How can BlueWiFi work for bars?

John and a group of his friends are enjoying a night out in town, having a few drinks to celebrate his birthday. One of the bars they visit has free WiFi, so John takes the opportunity to post a few pictures from the evening to his social media accounts. When John logged in to the WiFi to do this, he was able to view the bar’s drinks promotions on the splash screen and decided to buy a round for his friends. He receives a personalised message with details of the bar’s entertainment programme for the next month. He sees that there is an early bird deal on tickets for a band he likes, so he buys them there and then at the venue. The bar also gives him a special offer for a free drink on his next visit, encouraging him to return.

How can retailers monetise WiFi?

Personalised offers

Access to real-time marketing information means that bars can send out personalised offers and vouchers to customers at specific times. Offers can even be triggered according to the number of times a person has visited the venue, so loyalty can be rewarded with a special discount. For example, a bar could send an e-shot to all customers offering a bottle of wine on the house for frequent visitors, or tell them about the next month’s entertainment program.


As a BlueWiFi provider, you will also have access to our e-shots tool, which allows you to create highly targeted marketing messages. For example, bars could send an e-shot to all customers with a discount certain drinks and bar snacks.

Wayfinding and friend-finding tools

Customers are much more likely to spend money at your bar when they feel comfortable with finding their way around. Providing free WiFi will give your customers access to wayfinding apps for ease of navigation around the complex. A friend-finding tool can even alert customers if their friends are in the same place, which is a huge benefit from a social and safety perspective.

Social media engagement

If customers login to the WiFi using their social media accounts, they can opt to share a message (which can be set and changed by you) to their wider social network. This showcases your brand on all the major social media platforms and easy access to them through the BlueWiFi solution will encourage customers to share their experience

Actionable insight

The Blue Portal acts like Google Analytics for your bar. You will have access to detailed information about your customers, such as age, gender and dwell time. You can even track their movement around the venue painting a clear picture of consumer behaviour. Armed with this information, you can adjust advertisements for maximum exposure and identify good locations for pool tables or game machines to maximise monetization and use of space.