How can BlueWiFi work for restaurants?

John takes his wife Helen out to celebrate their anniversary. They have booked a table for two at a favourite local restaurant.
The restaurant offers free WiFi, so John quickly checks his social media accounts whilst they wait to be seated. They can even pre-order their meal from the bar using an app and browse through the new dishes that have been added to the menu. As the WiFi system recognises that John and Helen are regular visitors to the restaurant, the waiter brings out a complimentary bottle of house wine. John and Helen enjoy a delicious meal and receive an offer on drinks for their next visit, which prompts them to book a table there and then.

How can retailers monetise WiFi?

Personalised offers and e-shots

Access to real-time marketing information means that restaurants can send out personalised offers and vouchers to customers at specific times via an e-shot.

Offers can even be triggered according to the number of times a person has visited the restaurant, so loyalty can be rewarded with a special discount. For example, restaurants could offer a bottle of wine on the house for frequent visitors or encourage them to try a new dish on the menu.

Easy booking and ordering

Using the WiFi, your customers can book a table whilst they are in the restaurant and even order their meal. This is a great way to ensure that service still runs smoothly at busy times. You could even send an e-shot with an early bird deal for your customer’s next visit, encouraging them to book in advance before they leave.

Splash page

The new splash page is now easier to customise than ever before. It’s the first thing customers will see when they log in to the WiFi. The splash page can be personalised with your logo, company branding and current offers.

Actionable insight

The Blue Portal acts like Google Analytics for your restaurant. You will have access to detailed information about your customers, such as age, gender and dwell time. Armed with this information, you can target your marketing campaigns and make them much more effective.

Social media engagement

If customers log in to the WiFi using their social media accounts, they can opt to share a message (which can be set and changed by you) to their wider social network. This showcases your restaurant on all the major social media platforms and easy access to them through the BlueWiFi solution will encourage customers to share their dining experience.